When you find problems in choosing a trusted higher education institution that ensure its graduates to be employed and to innovate, Sahid Polytechnic is the right alternative for you who wish to learn and have a career in hospitality and tourism. Sahid Polytechnic offers various programs in a learning scheme that is specifically tailored for your needs as generation Y and Z. Diploma I program gives the opportunity for you who wish to be directly employeed. Only take courses for six months, you can be employed in the industry through internship program. Diploma III dan Diploma IV program will equip you with managerial skills in middle and upper management level. The opportunity for you to continue your study abroad through Double Degree Program in University De Anger’s in France with an affordable tuition fee for one year. Those who graduated from Diploma III and Diploma IV program can continue to a graduate study in Sahid Polytechnic and have an honor degree in Magister in Tourism (M.Par). And to have an employment overseas, we prepare you in internship, apprenticeship, and recruitment program. Therefore, there is no reason for you to hesitate in joining with us that have giant ‘laboratories’ of Sahid Hotel Group spread in all over Indonesia.