Through STP Sahid Institute of Tourism, I now have experience in communicating every day with people of different cultural backgrounds which can be quite challenging – for example, minding cultural differences, religious preferences and values and keeping an open mind are some of the important things an international environment can teach a person. The programme structure stresses a lot the importance of team-work as in today’s global environment, working in teams is a key skill to the success of any business. The lecturers are really helpful people who enjoy teaching and being challenged by their students and their fresh ideas.


Studying at Sahid Institute of Tourism prepared me to live among Indonesians. Indonesians students also made my life at Sahid Institute of Tourism so easy through regular visits, team tours, sport and many other things we did as one family. Culture is a unique characteristic that describe a group of people and is of significance value to tourism. The ability to accept and respect each other’s cultures cultivates a global appreciation of cultural tourism. STP Sahid Institute of Tourism is an establishment that value this.

Now I am on internship at Hotel Borobudur Jakarta, and through my experience at Sahid, I am sailing through smoothly with no difficulties in an even more diverse culture base. Like any student anywhere, there were some difficulties here and there and Sahid staff did their best to help.


All in all, I recommend this programme to people who would like to develop their interpersonal skills, cultural experiences, culinary skills as well as feel challenged intellectually by the unique mixture of culture, tourism and culinary.

Elizabeth N. Mashiripiti

Darmasiswa students