My name is Patrycja and I come from Poland, First four months I spent in Jakarta studying Tourism and culinary at Polytechnic Sahid with eleven more Darmasiswa students from different nationalties. Then we got an opportunity to do the internship. I chose club Med Bali to realize my internship program.

Im the lucky one that I could be the participant of Darmasiswa scholarship program. Now its almost the end of my long adventure in Indonesia and there is no words to describe how amazing was this experience and how it changed me.  I learnt a lot about this country, about people and about myself… People here are always smiling and appreciating small things this is what make them special and different than others.

Thanks to this program I met people who became my really good friends and im pretty sure we will keep in touch for a long time moreover we have a plans to visit each other again and travel together.

I would like to say thanks to Polytechnic Sahid, to all the teachers, to people which I met and I could explore Indonesia. I still feel not enough of traveling in this amazing country so I have a plan to come back here one day…

Patrycja Jarocka

Darmasiswa students